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My Books

Radical Acceptance: A Novel

Radical Acceptance tells the story of a graphic artist who relapses in Scottsdale, AZ. Can Laurel overcome being her own worst enemy and finally get sober while dealing with a sick mother, no job and a long-abandoned son who makes contact? Only if she survives prison and transforms herself.






No Strangers to Pain

No Strangers to Pain is a collection of twenty-one short stories, both flash fiction and longer stories. We meet people who’ve made mistakes and have regrets, men and women with pasts they’re reluctant to share, festering secrets, and memories that haunt them. They are regular folks—teenagers, young adults, older adults—who’ve been dealt a bad hand or have made bad choices or are just trying to muddle through life, as they cope with losses and other hardships, struggling to understand and make their way in the world.


"He hoped he could outrun his past, not that it was a very long or very bad past, but still, worth getting as far away from as possible. He yearned to be unencumbered by things of any kind."
--No Stranger to Pain (p. 4)


I wondered what a boring childhood would be like and glanced at the clock—eleven-twenty—then at the window. The mouse-colored light of the streetlamps illuminated the heavy falling snow. "Tell me anyway," I said, buying time. "I still want to know."
Not a Single Lie, p. 50