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Radical Acceptance: A Novel

One poor decision can tank everything. Middle-aged Laurel Peterson has struggled for a lifetime to overcome her damaging childhood. She’s managing quite well as a successful graphic artist in Scottsdale, Arizona, when life comes crashing down. She decides to indulge in just one drink to take the edge off, but a third DUI rips away everything she’s worked to build. She finds herself in the infamous Tent City jail in the scorching Arizona desert, pending a subsequent prison sentence. Laurel, determined to fight her demons, scrabbles to make real changes in her life and become sober once and for all. But, can she… with her sister’s murder, an ungrateful mother battling Parkinson’s Disease, and the stakes ratcheting upward when she’s contacted by a son she abandoned nineteen years before?

Radical Acceptance covers themes of childhood abuse, unresolved grief, incarceration, and forgiveness while demystifying the process of recovery from alcoholism as Laurel.

This work of contemporary women’s fiction is geared toward female readers and those in recovery from alcohol or drug problems. It will also appeal to readers of memoirs on recovery from alcoholism in women, such as Mary Karr’s Lit.